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Cambridge : Cambridge University, 2016.
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369 p. :  cuadr. graf. map.
Introduction: a history of the global economy - the ’why’ and the ’how’ / Joerg Baten .-- North-Western Europe / Jan Luiten van Zanden .-- The great divergence in the world economy: long-run trends of real income / Stephen Broadberry .-- International financial regulation and supervision / Catherine Schenk .-- Southern, Eastern and Central Europe / Joerg Baten .-- The Sputnik shock, the Pisa shock: human capital as a global growth determinant / Joerg Baten .-- State finances during civil wars / Pablo Martin Acena .-- Property rights in the Russian Empire / Irina Potkina .-- The United States and Canada / Price Fishback .-- The Great Depression of the 1930s and the world economic crisis after 2008 / Kevin Hjortshøj O’Rourke / Multi-divisional firms and managerial capitalism / Franco Amatori .-- Business history and innovation / Knut Sogner .-- Alfred D. Chandler, Jr: the man behind modern business history / Franco Amatori .-- Latin America / Luis Bértola and José Ocampo .-- Was there a ’curse of natural resources’? Joerg Baten .-- Latin America, 1500–1800: early contact, epidemics and numeracy development / Joerg Baten .-- The economic consequences of independence in Latin America / Salomon Kalmanovitz .--
Japan / Osamu Saito .-- Japanese industry during the Second World War / Tetsuji Okazaki .-- China / Debin Ma .-- International expositions and East Asia’s participation in the modern era / Ma Min .-- Trade and poverty, 1820–1913: when the Third World fell behind / Jeffrey Williamson .-- Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia / Rima Ghanem and Joerg Baten .-- Women in global economic history / Sarah Carmichael, Selin Dilli and Auke Rijpma .-- Imperial expansion of the Ottoman Empire and its cultural determinants / Rima Ghanem and Joerg Baten .-- South Asia / Tirthankar Roy .-- Human stature as a health indicator in colonial empires / Joerg Baten and Kris Inwood .-- Did brain-drain from India cause underdevelopment? Numeracy of Indian migrants and the Indian population, seventeenth to twentieth century / Joerg Baten .-- Southeast Asia and Australia/New Zealand / Martin Shanahan .-- Pre-history, ancient and classical periods of Southeast Asia / Martin Shanahan .-- Institutional development in world economic history / Joerg Baten .-- Sub-saharan Africa / Gareth Austin .-- Why was Ethiopia not colonized during the late-nineteenth-century ’Scramble for Africa’? / Marjolein’t Hart .--
"In this volume, twenty-seven authors of various nationalities and intellectual traditions will present the welfare development of the global economy and its components in a concise and accessible way. The authors will reflect on the considerable increase in knowledge of global economic history and the history of world regions that has occurred over previous years, both in the developed world as well as in countries with traditionally lower research density in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and other world regions. A special focus of this volume will be on developing countries that have received less attention in former world economic histories: was, for example, Africa always a continent of relative poverty, or were there periods of economic growth in some of its regions? Why did Asia fall behind in the early nineteenth and twentieth centuries? This book will concentrate on the period from 1500 until today but with a slightly stronger focus on the recent past. Ten world region chapters will present an economic history in a balanced way. The aim is to write a non-Eurocentric history; hence, the chapters discuss world regions that have an approximately similar population size currently. "
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